Inspiration Packs



Discover the world of WonderFil Specialty Threads! Sumptuous rayons, lint-free cottons and super-fine polyester threads in 100 to 8 wt. Try them for quilting, thread painting, embellishment, bobbin sewing and couching.

Each assortment has been chosen with a travel destination in mind to inspire your sewing! This package contains all of the threads that you would need to create your own Passport (a stitch sampler created in the book Stitch Journeys). Or maybe you would like to start a sewing adventure of your own. No matter what path you take, we celebrate your creativity and wish you happy travels!

Bonus! All spools are wrapped with Wonder guard for your sewing and storage convenience.


InvisaFil100wt Polyester1 cop
DecoBob80wt Polyester1 spool
Splendor40wt Rayon1 cop
SilcoTex 40 lint-free cotton1 spool
D-Twist20wt Rayon1 spool
SpotliteRayon core1 cop
HologramSlitted Polyester1 cop
Mirage30wt Rayon1 spool
Accent12wt Rayon1 spool
Razzle8wt Rayon1 spool
Dazzle8wt Rayon/Metallic1 spool
Sizzle8wt Metallic w/Rayon1 spool
Tutti50wt cotton1 spool
Fruitti12wt cotton1 spool
Konfetti50wt cotton1 cop